Are Meal Replacement Shakes Worth The Hype?

This is probably not the first time you’re hearing about meal replacement shakes, some people swear by them whereas other people claim them to be ineffective. Now the question is, Do they help us lose weight?

Getting to your desired shape obviously takes a lot of hard work, and there does no doubt to want to invest in a meal replacement shake that will make your journey a little easier.

The aim of meal replacement shakes is to replace a certain number of meals you are likely to consume throughout the day. Would you rather have a chocolate shake or oats for breakfast?
Meal replacement shakes can be great for people who are on the go and have time constraints.
These shakes are very nutritious but that doesn’t mean you stop eating other solid foods. In order for these shakes to be effective you need to eat well balanced meals. As meal replacement shakes are more protein based you might feel full initially but that does not mean you won’t get hungry.
Crowe says meal replacement shakes only work if you drink them as instructed.

There is proof that meal replacement shakes aid in losing weight for up to a year but you do regain the weight if you go back to poor eating habits. This is proved to be most effective when suggested by a nutritionist.

Meal replacements are available in pharmacies and health food stores. Many come as powders that you make into shakes, whereas some come in the form of soups or bars. Crowe says there are regulations around what can be called a meal replacement – for instance, they must provide adequate amounts of 16 vitamins and minerals.

Do your research before investing in meal replacement shakes as some powders may contain high levels of sugar which may make it harder for you to lose weight.

Drawbacks of meal replacement shakes:

If you think replacing all meals with these shakes will work, you clearly haven’t done your homework. They may be handy but you can never maintain your weight loss goals in the long run if you don’t learn to base your meals on healthy food.
They don’t contain all the nutrients your body requires, Crowe says: "they don't contain enough fiber and they lack phytonutrients, which are beneficial nutrients from fruit and vegetables."

Overtime these shakes might get boring and if you having an active social life it might affect your lunch or dinner plans. Because no matter how good these shakes may taste for the time being nothing can compare to the taste of actual food.